Stuart Craigie
Espionage action thrillers
One dark and misty evening Mike Sanders turned up for a meeting with Rubakov, a Russian FSB anti terrorist agent he had recently worked in a joint operation with MI6. The meeting turned out to be an attempt to assassinate him. In his search for the reason, he uncovers a far-reaching plan by a powerful and ruthless Mafia family from St Petersburg. The closer he got to the truth the more dangerous things got for him and his associates and the more horrific their plans appear to be. This culminated in, what became known as the Kyoto Deal between Russians, their Sicilian, Chicago and Yakusa associates and Arab terrorists. Mike Sanders embarks on a dangerous journey passing through Helsinki, Moscow, St Petersburg, Venice, Kyoto, Washington, Siberia, ending finally in a bitter confrontation in St Petersburg.

The story is also about two people, whose paths cross in Russia. Heidi Klusman is an attractive investigative journalist, who works from time to time for the German BND. They join forces but find themselves deeply in love, which became an additional worry for Mike Sanders.
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eBook ISBN: 978-1-4835-7368-7
 Print ISBN: 978-1-4120-2041-1
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